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Setting the Room on Fire

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We’ve all been there. You find an opportunity to attend a presentation you really look forward to, made by a person hyped as “the best in the business,” on a skill or topic you see as essential for you. You can’t wait to go and sit in, absorb everything you can, and bring it back […]

The Role of Social Media in Fire Training

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Technology rules our lives. We hardly make it through the day without relying on our phones or computers, using email, text messaging, apps for everything, online convenience systems (banking, scheduling, etc) and social networks. It’s difficult to think about life before email exchange on day-to-day business interactions. Technology is here to stay and can be […]


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We joined the emergency services to help people.  We get antsy when we go shifts without feeling like we’ve made an impact.  We use language that doesn’t seem right to ”˜normal’ people, like “good fire” in reference to that hard work we put in or “bad tours” in reference to shifts with no meaningful calls. […]